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UNIK 16 | JULY 2023

Weave a story around unique cultural practices.

Have you ever marvelled at the beautiful world you live in, a world imbued with harmony and yet, so diverse?

What is it that creates this diversity? 

Is it the different nationalities of people who form its population or their distinctive cultural practices that make them unique?

We, the Fantastic FunScribes, offer you a chance to explore the fascinating arena of cultural practices around the world and let your imagination run riot.

Write a story in any genre revolving around one of these practices and how it impacts your protagonists. The story should clearly bring out its nuances, giving the readers a chance to fathom the significance and the reasons behind the chosen practice. 

It would be useful to have a postscript with an explanation of the chosen theme at the end. (Make sure that your story works without the post script, it should not be dependent on post script for resolution or characterization). So, put your thinking caps on and get ready to explore the fascinating world of cultural diversity. 

FIVE00 17 | JUNE 2023

English is a language that has united the world. It has an unimaginably large coffer of vocabulary, yet it has never shied away from incorporating words from other languages when its own repository falls short or the other one expresses the meaning more succinctly.

Choose one word or phrase that has been borrowed into English from any other language and write a 500 word story making sure the word/phrase is either the basis of your tale or plays a major role in the story. The meaning of the selected word(s) should be self explanatory from your story but adding an author’s note at the end regarding the origin and meaning of your selected gem would go a long way in helping the reader so make sure to add one.